Health Economics

Dr. Daniel Mark’s most widely recognized contribution has been to develop the field of empirically based economic analysis and patient reported outcomes in large cardiovascular disease randomized trials. In the area of economic analysis, a pivotal early publication was the cost-effectiveness analysis of the GUSTO-I trial. This highly controversial trial pitted a genetically engineered molecule against an older “low tech” therapy for acute myocardial infarction. Dr. Mark obtained independent funding to collect detailed prospective economic and quality of life information on 3000 North American patients in this trial. The resulting work led to two first-author papers in the New England Journal of Medicine. In viewing this accomplishment, it is important to recognize that the work was done during a period when the major medical journals had grown quite cynical about cost-effectiveness analyses because of their perceived domination by industry concerns. Indeed, the New England Journal of Medicine had just published an editorial saying that they would no longer publish such analyses; but upon receiving Dr. Mark’s paper they decided not only to publish it but also to solicit an editorial about it.  This editorial stated that this study “sets a new standard for the integration of cost effectiveness into randomized trials.” Dr. Mark has gone on to conduct prospective economic analyses as part of the leadership team of over a dozen guideline-changing cardiovascular clinical trials.

Health Economics Studies

Health Economics Research Publications


Cost-Effectiveness of Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion: A Case Based on Facts Not in Evidence?

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34th Bethesda Conference: Task force #5–Is atherosclerosis imaging cost effective?

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Task force #2–the cost of prevention: can we afford it? Can we afford not to do it? 33rd Bethesda Conference.

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