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Dr. Mark presents results on quality of life outcomes in the CABANA trial.

AED-Equipped Drones

Dr. Mark pens an editorial for Circulation on the challenges to building a network of drones that can deliver automatic external defibrillators quickly and safely to patients experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest.

Cosmetics, Regulation, and Public Safety

Dr. Mark and Dr. Rob Califf write about the regulatory gaps in ensuring the safety of cosmetics in an editorial in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Statistical Concepts for Clinicians

This paper aims to help clinicians develop a general understanding of major concepts underlying commonly used statistical tools and methods without getting tied up in complex mathematics. In this article, Dan Mark tackles essential statistical concepts for clinicians....

Decision Making in Clinical Medicine

Drs. Mark and Wong explore several topics in the process of clinical decision making. Sir William Osler’s familiar quote “Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability” captures well the complex nature of clinical medicine. Although the science of...

Understanding the Role of P Values and Hypothesis Tests in Clinical Research

Dr. Mark recently joined with Drs Frank Harrell and Kerry Lee to review P-value pitfalls in medical research. Their work was published in JAMA Cardiology. P values and hypothesis testing methods are frequently misused in clinical research. Much of this misuse appears...

Editor’s Insights into Publishing Research

In this presentation, Daniel Mark, MD discusses publishing in a scientific journal. He is joined by Drs. Christopher O’Connor, MD and Howard Rockman, MD.

Duke Cardiology Grand Rounds

February 12, 2013

Cardiovascular Clinical Researcher

Dr. Mark is the Director of the Outcomes Research Group in the Duke Clinical Research Institute. He has over 25 years of research expertise in cardiovascular disease, clinical trials, observational studies, statistical methodology, comparative effectiveness analyses, and the evaluation of the economic and quality of life consequences of cardiovascular disease and its therapies.


Dr. Mark has published over 330 peer-reviewed papers, 80 book chapters 2 books, and numerous editorials and review articles.


Dr. Mark is a practicing cardiologist who serves as Attending on the Coronary Care Unit at Duke University Medical Center.

Lectures, Presentations, and Interviews

Dan Mark is interviewed about the PROMISE trial economic substudy results.

Similar Costs for CTA

Dr. Daniel Mark discusses the results of the PROMISE trial economic substudy at the American College of Cardiology 2015 Scientific Session and Expo.

Quality of Life Results in the TACT Trial

Dan Mark presents the TACT Quality of LIfe substudy results at the Late Breaking Clinical Trials presentation at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions.

Art of Medicine – A Modern Reinterpretation

Dr. Daniel Mark discusses mastery, individuality, and humanity in a modern reinterpretation of the Art of Medicine.

New York University, Medicine Grand Rounds.